Rental and Hire Fleet Finance

Flexible funding for rental or hire fleets

DF  Capital’s flexible and tailored finance products can support the working capital in your business. Using Rental and Hire Fleet Finance, you can secure the new or used rental or hire fleet products you need while spreading the cost over time.

With a credit facility for your rental or hire fleet products supporting your working capital, you can focus on increasing sales opportunities and growing your business.

DF Capital is a specialist commercial lender for SMEs, providing working capital solutions to manufacturers and their dealer networks across the UK. They’re committed to providing flexible and straightforward finance delivered through a team of industry experts who work in partnership with your business.

Rental and Hire Fleet Finance is a simple and effective way to fund new or used rental or hire fleet units. With a credit facility for your rental or hire
fleet units, you’ll benefit from a payment schedule with fixed costs and no early repayment penalties. You’ll also be able to rent funded units to your customers for up to 90 days per rental or hire contract.

With a 4-year term you’ll spread the cost of rental or hire fleet units over time. At the end of the 4-year term your business will own the unit and can continue to rent this, or sell as a used unit. If you choose to settle the unit within the 4-year term, you’ll just need to repay the outstanding capital but won’t be charged any early repayment penalties.

With Rental and Hire Fleet Finance your business could benefit from

Growing Sales

With a specialist credit facility for rental or hire fleet units, you can grow your sales by having the products you need to secure customer contracts, while repaying the unit over a 4-year term.

Flexibility to Sell

Settle the unit at any time during
the 4-year term and pay only the outstanding capital, with no early repayment penalties, meaning you can offer your customers rental periods of up to 90 days.

Working Capital Availability

Free up your working capital by acquiring the products you need without paying the full cost upfront, providing you with working capital that you could invest into other areas of your business..

Seasonal Cash Flow Support

A seasonally aligned repayment structure means you’ll repay a
lower percentage of the unit
during November-March each year, providing additional cash flow support
in these months.

Fixed Costs and a Transparent
Pricing Structure

Settle the unit at any time during
the 4-year term and pay only the outstanding capital, with no early repayment penalties, meaning you can offer your customers rental periods of up to 90 days.

Support and Guidance

Their team of industry experts are on
hand to support you throughout the funding process. You’ll work with specialists who understand your market and can provide insight and guidance.

Tailored solutions for rental products

DF Capitals flexible Rental and Hire Fleet Finance solution helps to support seasonal cash flow and increase sales opportunities for rental or hire fleet products. You’ll also benefit from working with a team of finance experts committed to supporting your business.

Key Features

  • Credit facilities to fund
    rental or hire fleet products
  • Financing available on an individual unit basis for new and used assets
  • Rental or fleet products funded can be used for a maximum of 90 days per individual rental contract to
    your customers
  • 4-year funding term
  • Credit lines available from £30,000
  • Transparent pricing and facility terms designed to support seasonal
    cash flow needs
  • Settle the outstanding balance at any time with no early repayment penalties
  • Funding is secured primarily against the product itself, reducing the need for additional security
  • Simple online application and onboarding process for dealers
  • Seamless funding experience with our market-leading account
    management portal
  • Daily support available from our dedicated industry specialists

Rental and Hire Fleet Finance funding supports the purchase of rental or hire fleet units, and can be used alongside existing credit facilities, subject to the terms of those credit facilities.

Important information about DF Capital’s credit facilities

•  Finance for dealers is subject to terms, conditions, eligibility criteria and credit approval
•  The facility limit for dealers is based on credit rating and determined by DF Capital, and may be increased or decreased from time to time
•  DF Capital will retain ownership of the financed goods until repaid in full
•  Financed goods are at the risk of the dealer
•  Eligibility of goods for finance is determined at DF Capital’s sole discretion

Why choose DF Capital?

DF Capital works in partnership with its customers. Their lending products are flexible, straightforward and supported by experts.

Their specialist credit facilities provide quick and easy access to funding when you need it, supporting the growth of your business. They partner with 75 manufacturers and over 700 dealers to provide working capital solutions for their businesses. We have lent over £1.4bn to UK dealers and manufacturers since we started lending in 2017.

They support the growth of SMEs across the UK. We are specialists in commercial lending, and have developed our range of finance products to provide flexible and practical solutions that help and enhance the businesses they work with.

Their industry specialists are here to provide ongoing support for your business needs. They’ll take the time to understand your ambitions and financial situation, and develop a tailored solution for your business.

Contact DF Capital

For further information please contact DF Capitals team of finance specialists on 020 3937 6390, or email us at [email protected].

Terms and conditions apply, subject to status and affordability. Any asset used as security may be at risk if you do not repay any debt secured on it.
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