Embark on an inspiring journey with Mooble Tiny House!

Mooble homes are compact and built on AL-KO twin axle chassis, globally recognised as “tiny houses.” Their irresistible charm and practicality instantly captivate. The beauty of mobility lies in the ability to transform any place on Earth into your personal haven.

Unveiling Mobile Luxury

A Mooble Tiny House epitomises a luxurious home away from home. These mobile and road-legal structures offer the comfort of a fully-equipped kitchen, a cosy washroom, a comfortable bed, and a stylish sofa. All these amenities are nestled within a solid, lightweight steel frame.

Versatility for Business or Leisure

Tiny Houses make for ideal vacation homes, but they also serve multiple purposes. They can be utilised as an additional room or even to establish your very own Tiny House glamping resort. You have the option to use them as self-contained units or connect them to full mains services, adding a touch of sensational uniqueness to your glamping pod experience!

Experience Our Showcase

Visit our Tebay showroom at Adventure Leisure Vehicles – Jct 38, M6 to explore our collection of demonstration models. Adventure Leisure Vehicles – Jct 38, M6

Mooble Tiny House Highlights


Home comfort thanks to Mooble Houses spacious living space.


Mooble Tiny Houses are legally allowed to be towed on UK roads.

All Season Use

Mooble Tiny Houses have sufficient insulation for use in all seasons.


You could own a Mooble House with your family or friends.