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Mooble House UK is part of Adventure Leisure Vehicles Ltd (ALV) based in Tebay, Cumbria.

ALV was established in 2005 specifically with the aim of bringing Airstream Travel Trailers into Europe, over time, we eventually diversified into other leisure vehicle brands including ERIBA, KNAUS & [email protected] Caravans plus HYMER & Landseer Camper Vans to name a few.

Due to the surge in staycation holidays in the UK due to the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2021 we noticed a gap in the market for people who were looking for a home from home, or even an extra room or office that they can use on their own property.

We discovered Mooble House based in Kağıthane, Istanbul, Turkey who are part of a global steel construction company, specialising in large corporate steel framed buildings, and were impressed by the modern design, tow ability and solid manufacturing process of their Tiny House’s.

Henceforth in 2022 we became their sole UK distributor after approaching Mooble House to see if it was possible to adapt these architect designed tiny house for the UK market, which together with our input, they could.

The stunning range of “Mooble Tiny Houses on Wheels” can be viewed at our showroom which is based just off Jct 38 of the M6 at Adventure Leisure Vehicles Ltd.

Mooble Manufacturing Process

Mooble Tiny House frames are manufactured with Light Gauge Steel (LGS) on an AL-KO twin axel chassis. The LGS is formed into u-shaped profiles which have CE & ISO certifications. These profiles are then assembled to create the 3D Mooble Tiny House wall panel frames.

LGS is highly flexible and light weight making it ideal for road transportation, it is also galvanised meaning there is no risk of corrosion.

Birch or pine marine plywood is then applied to the interior as is the mechanical infrastructure. On the exterior, mineral or rock wool insulation is added between the frame (Depending on customer preference) then sealed with marine plywood with a waterproof shield layer added on top. Aluminium cladding is then secured to the exterior with Finnish pine detail added per design. These specific types of wood are used as they also flexible and lightweight.

The Mooble Factory Tour below will give you more of an insight into the steps taken to build these expertly designed tiny houses.

Mooble Factory Tour

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